Day 24 of 90


I follow some really amazing writers. One of those writer is Alia Abdullah. I truly like her blogs because first she starts off every blog with the utterance of bismillahhirrahmannhhirahim. Her blog are often Islam related and I find it quite inspiring.

For me who just started writing, I still find it a chore. I have not found a style of writing nor a unique way to entice you readers. At this point, all i do is chronicle my food meal plan in hope that I can show you, living and eating healthily is not difficult.

Right now, I would say I live a pretty sendentary lifestyle with not much exercise incorporated. I hope to change this life habits in the continuing programme.

For now, here is my food journal for today.

Breakfast consist of oats with honey and blueberries and soya milk. I took half a portion of that oats. Should i have eaten it all? What is not included in the pictures is the 2 slices of watermelon i took during lunch and the additional 2 slices I blended with my Trimshake dinner and another slice for supper snack.

Early morning tomorrow. Will stop here.




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