Day 21 – 23 of 90

My Food Journal

Day 21 Breakfast

Day 21.

Had only 2 meals just because. Didnt want the additional meal because of the stress of choosing food. Anyhow, I was out and about, by the time I remember to eat, it was almost time for dinner. Hence I waited slightly longer and had my steadfast dinner companion, the Trimshake.  In addition to that, i had a late night (10pm) snack >> orange fruit.

Day 22 

Day 22 Breakfast – though was a careful thought meal, was advise to avoid the cheese first. Didnt ask the reason why, i presume because of the processed it went through to became sliced cheese. Anything processed is never healthy because it loses its nutrients and often are just fats hidden in nice tasty packaging.

Lunch – suprisingly was with my advisor. Phew… I was sweating while i choose what is the appropriate well balanced meal for me. Hot pot Tom Yum with rice. I would never thought of that myself really. But looking at it, yup my seafood was a hand fist of protein. I had some tofu, lettuce and mushroom as well. That was really an eye opener for me.

Dinner was >>> Trimshake. I actually thought of skipping it because I was not too hungry and it was after 8pm truly. But i stick to the plan, and drank it in one sitting. I wonder really whether I will reach my goal of 14kg loss.  Haix…

Day 23

Two meals again for today. Basically I woke up late (11am). Had a lunch appointment at 12pm, so decided to push my meals later. And what a tasty meal it was. I finished my set lunch of course. Black pepper grilled chicken with mashed potato and veggies. Took 2 big spoonful of the creme brulee.

After which I actually took my weekly follow up, though this time was probably  days after my last.

What a bummer the results turn to be. While the loss is there, the progress is quite slow. I wonder whether I’m doing the program the right way. I brought this up to my advisors and right now they probably need to see more of my meal selection before tweaking it further.

On my part, I would probably make a few more changes.

One of the reasons I believe why I’m not decreasing as much could be the lifestyle. I’m often back on bed on lying down post meals. The relaxation of an unemployed lifestyle. Hopefully once I’m back to work next week, with my activity level up, the result would be more promising.

That’s it for now.

Will update further next time.

Till then





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