Day 19 & 20 of 90

The weekend is here and probably everyone is out enjoying themselves. Well for me, it’s a night in.

Ever since I started this programme, somehow the last 2 weeks plus have been hectic. I have to say I’m pretty happy about it. I’m out and about and often find myself feeling more upbeat than usual. Should I attribute it to NuSkin?! 😁

Well, let’s get down to my food journal. 

Day 19… here are meals and snacks of the whole day. 

What do you think of it?!!

This program is all about being healthy. As I decide on my meals, my team will help me observe whether I have enough portion and whether the food fits the meal plan. 

Breakfast was a-👌. Though I only had a portion of non meant protein and none of the meat protein. But I rarely eat this kind of breakfast. So to me this is good enough of an effort. 

Lunch… 👅 👅 👅

Let me just say I did not finish it all (the veggies that is). Now this I did not share with my team. Why? Cause I already know what they are going to say! The sauce is has lots of fats. Basically that’s it. 😋 What to do? I didn’t realise it when I ordered. So I did try my best to remove the sauce aside and took my meal portion and I think I did well. Now, did you know that yesterday was ‘the time of the month’. Ladies out there, you would know how hard to resist cravings around this period right?? But guess what? I actually resisted. And temptation was truly around… 

I do attribute this self control to the supplements I’m taking. Whether it’s a conscious effort or whether it’s the supplement effect. I feel good about myself that I resisted enough to maintain a healthy diet till I finish the program. 

Saying that. Did you see yesterday I ate a slice of 🎂.. it was my nephew birthday. I’m entitled to it. 😝 

So pretty much this is day 19 food. Rest assured, what piece of food and drink 🍹 that goes into my mouth is accounted for here. 

Day 20, which falls on April Fool!! That’s today, is a lazy day. Meaning scrummaging for food that is in the fridge. Didn’t feel like heading out or eating out, so I did a Lazy Day. I have lots of that. Probably on of the reasons why I order in a lot and eat unhealthily… 

Anyway here is my list of meals

To break it down… breakfast was mashed boiled egg with baked potatoes 🥔 and Low fat milk with oranges. Lunch was stir fried fishball veggie with remaining baked potatoes 🥔 and an Apple. The yogurt, I couldn’t it eat it just like that so, I mixed it for my dinner of trimshake. 

Comments I had from my team was, egg either take 2 whole egg whites or a single whole egg. Fishball is carbo, so am sort of taking double portion there for lunch. Dinner is as usual. 

To note – I’m reusing my trimshake photos since that’s what it always is. 

To add in. I had guest who came over in the evening and my dad brought home murtabak!!! While I didn’t crave for it, I couldn’t resist, so I had a slice  . It’s a very badly taken picture. But my phone was on low. 

Anyway. That’s it. 




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