Day 18 of my 90 Day 

Today is the 18th day of my 90 Days program. Let me tell you, it has not been easy. I had my 2nd week measurement and the results while there are improvements, are not to my liking. Let me show you.

8th March 2017

30 March 2017
As you can see, if you compare my before readings and this reading, the loss is so small that I’m losing hope (and belief) slowly. I took this reading an hour after my breakfast. Of course that makes a big difference but still, i just can’t help feeling pessimistic about it. To top it off, i read the quite a few negative reviews on TRA (TR90 predecessor) and that just doesn’t help with my belief system. Let me share some of the negative reviews i read…

While i read all the above post, some parts of me resonated with it while a huge part of me resisted against it. Why? Because i have seen first hand what the supplement can do. I think back on my cousin. She is not someone i meet like once in a blue moon. But someone i meet every few months or so. To see such a drastic difference in her, i do believe that the product works, it just the discipline and your ability to follow through.

So despite it all, my negative and pessimistic feeling from 2 hours ago, i feel more relaxed and positive. I just need to up my game and be more discipline. And this is where i will confess that in the last 17 days, i have taken bits and pieces of the unhealthy food.  For example, on my Day 1, i took a donut and almond biscuits. Day 2, i took a cup of ice cream. Day 3, i took a donut, Yakut + 2 almonds. Day 7, i had a buffet high tea. Day 10, i had chocolate ice cream. Day 12, I took a slice of cheese + kit kat mini + a handful of waffle crisp. Day 13, i did not do my meal replacement. Day 17, i took half block of PATCHI chocolate.

These are all in addition to my suppose 3333 meal plan. Now, when you look at that, you think to yourself, it’s so little. Why blame yourself? Because these things are not helping my body. This moment, this program is all about reactivating my body. So if overload it more that it suppose to, how is it suppose to reactive it to proper function? It will continue doing what it used to do, store it as fats. THIS is MY BELIEF on how TR90 works.

So, to prove this belief, i will try and discipline myself on my diet. I will of course share my meal pictures and my results so we will know whether what the commentors above say is true or my trust in my cousin stand true.

Below are my meals for today.

 Breakfast: Chicken Bulgogi with diced potato, carrots, broccoli and lettuce.

The chicken was premarinated, i bought it from NTUC Fine Express. I marinated the 🥔 the night before. Mixed in chopped cilantro, coarse black pepper with salt and olive oil. Both the chicken and 🥔 was baked at 200 degrees for about 20mins. The carrots and broccoli was boiled. Lettuce – rinse.

So that is my breakfast. Huge, i know. But i just got sick of bread and oats. And sometimes i prefer to skip breakfast. Which in all aspects is not healthy at all. So this is one of my schemes for breakfast.

Lunch you would expect something huge. But nope. Didn’t cooked lunch and can’t think of anything i feel like eating. But since i can start hearing my stomach gurgle and its been 4 hours since breakfast, this is what i took.

 Lunch: Trimshake with Sugarless Soya Milk
I’m drinking the soya milk as I type and, it doesn’t taste nice!! 😩😩😩

So fret not. I’m going to get the less sugar instead of no sugar.

Reminder to self – choose the healthiest option but never restrict yourself to the the extend you don’t like food.

That’s it for now, will update dinner later on. But its just going to be another trimshak. Dinner usually is trimshake.

Update: Dinner .. 😂 Trimshake with a slice of cake. That’s double carbo okay. Plus all that icing sugar which can be converted to fat. Oh well 😔, it was my nephews birthday so I guess a small cheat is still okay. 

I’m probably going to rethink my posting method but that’s for the later. So. 

Adios & Assalamualaikum



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