Transforming MySelf in 90 Days

After a long hiatus from writing (like never), I decided to get back in and share with you my transformation into a healthier, slimmer (hopefully) and beautiful me.

17 Days ago, I started on this Programme called TR90 by NuSkin. It’s a weight management program that helps you be healthier, leaner and lose that unhealthy fats away.

I was introduced to this program by my Cousin. She had underwent this program and gain back health and figure successfully. She completed it 6 months ago and I must say, she is still keeping that figure and health. I’m not one who takes supplement and I believe getting slim is all about hard work 😓; exercise and diet. But honestly, I’ve tried the exercise route and I’ve tried the diet route. It never work. Probably because I always lose hope halfway. I’ve seen friends who successfully slim down using those two methods but the way they have to keep on going just makes me shudder. When my cousin explain the program to me, the lazy half of me couldn’t resist. Lose weight, healthier me and not much effort. Well I’m in. Signed me up and here we are.

Now my goal… was not that huge. I just want to lose 8kg. But I realised that why just that, why not do my very best and aim for the healthiest. So my goal of weight lost has changed. In this three month (2.5 months now) I want to lose at least 14 kg. I want to increase my skeletal mass and lose that visceral fats around my organs. It’s important to keep in mind, if you are someone who cannot resist food temptation (like me), you want to make sure that there is a huge GAP between your skeletal mass and your body fat (skeletal > body fat), because that is when your period of rebound becomes longer and slower.

I will share with you my meals choices, my thoughts and my transformation until the end of this program.

I hope in this way, you could be convince along with me that making healthy choices are not that difficult and attaining that new you is just months away.

To start off, this is my initial body analysis, as each week progress (from now) I will keep you updated of my progress.


For now,

Cherios. (Is that how you spell it?)




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