Day 24 of 90

Bismillahhirahmanhirrahim, I follow some really amazing writers. One of those writer is Alia Abdullah. I truly like her blogs because first she starts off every blog with the utterance of bismillahhirrahmannhhirahim. Her blog are often Islam related and I find it quite inspiring. For me who just started writing, I still find it a chore. […]

Day 21 – 23 of 90

My Food Journal Day 21. Had only 2 meals just because. Didnt want the additional meal because of the stress of choosing food. Anyhow, I was out and about, by the time I remember to eat, it was almost time for dinner. Hence I waited slightly longer and had my steadfast dinner companion, the Trimshake. […]

Day 19 & 20 of 90

The weekend is here and probably everyone is out enjoying themselves. Well for me, it’s a night in. Ever since I started this programme, somehow the last 2 weeks plus have been hectic. I have to say I’m pretty happy about it. I’m out and about and often find myself feeling more upbeat than usual. […]